Makassed University of Beirut
Faculty of Islamic Studies
Established in 1878, Makassed
Philanthropic Islamic Association
of Beirut is a humanitarian association
which provides services within three
main sectors: Education, health and
social affairs.

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20 schools & University with two faculties
General Hospital & 5 primary healthcare clinics
Ward Al Makassed Social Services, Scouts and more


The President of Al Makassed Association and the Higher Education Committee in the Board of Trustees monitors the work of the college. The Dean of the College presents the recommendations of the Academic Council of the College in periodic reports to the President and the Board of Trustees.

The final report and the college’s budget are discussed in a plenary session to take appropriate decisions at the end of each academic year.


Although the annual tuition fees for students are small and in Lebanese pounds, the Development & Fundraising Department of the Association insures discounts on these tuitions that come from the donations of the association’s friends and the college’s alumni committee.

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